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The Carvajal Organization was born in 1.904 in the city of Cali, Colombia. A dream of the Carvajal Family that has evolved generation after generation, transforming the organization into what it is today: A multi-language company committed to results and to the quality of its different products, services and solutions. Company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of disposable packaging. Throughout the years we have been growing, incorporating new product lines to the rhythm of the market needs. Our containers are made of plastic (polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polypropylene and pet), paper and aluminum.


We serve various types of clients of massive consumption or food service, as well as industrial and agro-industrial clients, covering not only the Peruvian market but also extending our coverage to several countries in South and Central America.

We are part of the Carvajal organization, a multinational group with headquarters in Colombia and presence in 16 countries in Latin America

We are multinational Company, specializing in the design, production and distribution of sustainable, innovative and personalized packaging solutions for the industrial, food services and home markets.

Our commitment to our clients, suppliers and collaborators makes us dedicate ourselves to being better in our operations, the quality of our products and services, and the improvement of our work environment.


Develop trustworthy packaging o make life more practical and safe.


Be the best choice in sustainable packaging solutions.

We are immensely proud of the partnerships we’ve been able to forge in North America. They are a testatement to the efforts of our superior product and service. For them we want to be the best option in disposable tableware. There are some, not all of our clientes, a representative simple of the versality of our lines.

Our Value Pledge: We are allied with our clientes to constantly innovate packaging products.

We meet quantiy and opportunity requirements.

At Carvajal Packaging, we work under the framework of six strategic focus points that guide the efforts of all our employees, in order to meet the overall strategic objetives of the Company:

  • Fulfill our commitments
  • Evolve by listening to our clientes
  • Become more competitive by challenging ourselves
  • Be innovative in the world of packaging
  • Develop talent to create value
  • Be sustainable

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Industrial Market


Your Brand printing and labeling


Our Products:

Plates, cups, food containers, bowls, lids and more

Direct presence in:

United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

Our regional vision encourages us to have as part of our targets the coverage of other markets, for this reason, we have a commercial division dedicated to the customer service in different countries of the region.


Bioform is a line elaborated with sugar cane bagasse that seeks to position itself as a new alternative of packaging for a demanding market around the nature of the products it consumes.


The packages that make up this line are suitable for direct contact with food and are based on organic inputs such as the residue generated from the sugarcane extraction process.


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