Carvajal Packaging launches new product lines

published by: Carvajal Packaging on 10 / 22 / 2019

On September 17 and 18, 2019, Carvajal Packaging held a new product introduction event at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa. Carvajal’s top U.S. clients were there as well as the company’s global leadership, led by by Pedro Felipe Carvajal, President and CEO of Carvajal Packaging. In the words of Jaime Carvajal, General Manager of Carvajal Packaging’s U.S. operation, it was “the right event at the right time, inspiring our clients and partners with the highly sustainable and recyclable new offering we are bringing to the market.” Among the new products, Converpro, PET and paper cups and containers free citation generator, as well as self-absorbing foam meat trays and BioForm the container line made of sugar cane bagasse cardboard. The group was very excited and interested in what Julian Prado, Director of Innovation shared in terms of the companies acquired capabilities and new initiatives. After two days of sharing, both the Carvajal executives as well as the clients present were left with a very positive outlook on their way to market.

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